09 Jan2023January 9, 2023

December   Look For… Listen to…

Berry Season Great Horned Owls calling Groundhogs hibernating Buds of every tree showing their shapes White-tailed deer still very active White-throat Sparrows Juncos Insect eggs and larvae on crevices of shrubs and trees Blackcapped Chicadees Gray Squirrels active Bluebirds Shrews and mice Berries on Holly trees Rabbits Winterberry shrubs   By Joanne Lockwood White, Sprout...

11 Oct2022October 11, 2022

October  Look for… Listen to… 

October Look for… Listen to… SEEDS falling Monarch migration to Mexico Snakes hibernating Crickets songs slowing Jumping Spiders Mints flowering Trees starting to show true colors Bees Goldenrods Wood turtles returning to streams (for breeding and hibernation) Asters Waterfowl migration Hawk migration White snakeroot flowers Milkweed seeds Chlorophyll being stored in roots of deciduous trees...

30 Aug2022August 30, 2022

Look For… Listen To… SEPTEMBER

( (Photo credit A. Palmer) Raptor migration 5 kinds of Goldenrod Wild grapes Crickets Grasshoppers “Chipping” chipmunks Monarchs Warblers Bluebirds Tanagers Pokeberry Goldfinches on Mullein and Thistle Redwing blackbirds Asters White snakeroot Bats returning to winter caves Praying mantises  

29 Aug2022October 11, 2022


Shepherd Kollock Park Fishawack which in English means “crossing of the Passaic” in Chatham. Fishawack is a Lenape word for the time of year when it was possible to cross the river easily. We are guilty of commercializing this thoughtful Native American perspective of noticing important transitions.