I want to share with you an interesting phenomenon that has presented itself in early August 2022. The island nation of Iceland is having a second round of immense lava eruptions.  Last year, they were in the form of volcanoes.  On Aug 3 or 4th, it was a Ridge-a-cano (I made up that word). It struck me profoundly, because this is the same configuration that formed our very own Watchung Ridge (Paterson to Summit to Somerville). Go to YOUTUBE… look for Reykjavik Grapevine on those dates and you will see the editor getting too close in an unsafe way (he admits it) but the resulting video is stunning. It is unsafe because if and when wind directions change, gases can come in your direction. At the point of the video, authorities had not yet established limits for the public. Never-the-less, this is very similar to the formation of our Watchung Ridge. (Place-Based Learning at its most sensational!)
Photo Credit Annabella Palmer 7/22/22