September 10, 2022

Dear Parents,

By end of this first week of school, there was a sense of ease at Sprout House, though we are still getting to know each other and our class routines. I continue to be impressed with the skills of our experienced early childhood teachers. They remain calm and efficient even when, as is normal in the first few days, multiple children cry or need reassurance about their new school life at Sprout House.

Here are a few reminders:

We have a new supply of mesh bags, which we would like you to use at school to hold damp muddy buddies and snow pants.  We are selling mesh bags for $6 cash or check.

Cubby Space:  Pre-K parents, please do not bring backpacks to school. Only kindergarteners can have backpacks at Sprout House. The nursery school cubbies are shared and too small for backpacks along with the mesh gear bags.  Each child can carry a lunch bag separately and have a handled bag for water bottle, bedding, extra clothes, artwork, etc. Mesh bags usually stay at school all week and come home when the muddy buddies or snow pants need washing.

Please label everything-water bottles, lunch boxes and all bags and clothes. For your convenience we signed up for this fundraiser for high quality, kids clothing and object labels–

I encourage you to notice and participate in our “Wildlife We Have Seen” school list on the bulletin board in the main hallway.  Families can write down what animals they’ve noticed outside in nature.  This list has been a Sprout House tradition since it opened in 1986.

Also a Sprout House tradition is the “Look For… Listen To” list by month started by our founder, Joanne Lockwood White.  These monthly sights and sounds also will be on the hallway bulletin board. Much of Sprout House’s educational practice is centered on developing children’s innate “sense of wonder” about the natural world that surrounds and supports us.  (Credit for the phrase “sense of wonder” goes to groundbreaking biologist/environmentalist Rachel Carson.)

Back-to-School Night is on Thursday Sept 22nd at 7:30. You will be able to meet with your child’s teachers and ask questions about how Sprout House approaches early childhood education, and how each teacher runs their class.  Individual teacher/parent conferences will occur in early November.