Dec  1, 2021

Dear Families,

Hannukah teaches us that you don’t lose any light when you give light.  On some level, the children understand this.  If you say things over and over enough (like reciting a poem by heart)… tuck it away for the day you DO understand it.

Say this over and over until you get very sleepy……….boots, gloves, outer pants……, gloves, outer pants……….We go out…..picture your child otdoors…..because that’s where we are with or without Covid, but especially with Covid.   It’s where we’re safe and maskless. Also remember our windows are  always  open and the fans are always on.  Thank you for sending warm, easily self-managed clothing.

We will be starting registration for the fall on ———-for current families.  Feb 1 is when we register new families. The forms/rates will be available very soon. March 1 is when we begin registration for 8 one-week summer sessions. Without exception, for all of the above, the check and the signed registration form is what holds a space.


December 15, 2021

Dear Families,

We regret that somehow the current Parent Handbook was missing  the following:  “ Please send children with as much self-managed clothing as possible.”   They are last if they must wait for the adult to go and play and conversely, return to indoor play when removing garments if they can’t manage it themselves.  Please avoid scarves, overalls and shoelace shoes.  Overalls prohibit  successful, independent, toilet learning in a group setting.

We are adjusting the registrations schedule.  In a few days you will see the class options on the website and registration will take place the first 2 weeks of January.  The general public will be allowed to register after MLK day starting Jan  18 so get your forms and checks in early.

When children are returning from an airline trip after winter break,  we are requiring either: 

  1. a home antigen test upon arrival and a pcr test 3-5 days after arrival, or
  2. seven day quarantine with pcr test at 3-5 days
  3. 10 day quarantine

Chatham is having a spike in Covid cases.  There are currently 70 cases in the high school and middle school, and some in every elementary school.


January 4, 2022
Dear Families,
Tuesday was another lovely sunny day and we tried out our homemade solar fort for eating snack !
We were at 70% attendance
We had one new positive case reported from exposure over the break  (and not yet attending this week) in the half-day 3.5-4.5 yr old class for a total of 8.   Of all the new cases, no symptoms have been reported.
Good outdoor activity…..look for planets in the next few nights.
Stay safe,
Joanne and Kathy

January 7, 2022

Dear Families,

Reminders that the public will be submitting registrations in about 2 weeks. Please remember that registration for Sprout Families is now.

Huge thank yous to all families who made donations to our Teacher Fund. There were a few anonymous donations. If you change your mind as far as getting a receipt/thank you, please let us know.

Summer Camp info will be forthcoming

No new Covid cases to report.

Remember to check emails on mornings with questionable weather.


Joanne and Kathy


January 11, 2022
Dear families,
The public will be registering for the 22-23 school year starting next week.  We are filling and we don’t want to disappoint our current families. The check for 2 months plus the registration fee AND the 2 page form is what holds your spot.  FYI: We have quite a few incomplete envelopes and you will be getting a private email if that is the case.
Please do not send summer camp registrations yet.   The form has not been published yet.  It will be ready in a few weeks.  Thanks for your patience.
An 11th case was exposed through a family member after leaving school last Thursday and has been safely quarantining at home. That child is in the younger, full day class.
We are amazed at how our children are so good about wearing masks. It’s truly remarkable.
Stay safe,
Joanne and Kathy

January 15, 2022

Dear Families,

My grandkids, who were the most sophisticated eaters, (for 5-11 year olds) think -artichokes,-scallions,-asparagus,-zucchini,-kale,-collards, -squash, -olives etc., suddenly woke up one morning and must have found out that there were some excellent pay-offs to transform into fussy eaters, because they did. It was shocking how smoothly they pulled it off. My husband and I pretended no reaction but did some silent plotting. Nothing was working while we were still in our cheerily just say “ok” mode, and he and I would have to eat twice our share of the veggies when they came to visit as we failed at fooling them by dressing them up with this or that.

A few days into the New Year, we had the kids for dinner and an interesting thing happened. I had a recipe that required root vegetables but forgot to buy them. My husband said “there’s still plenty of carrots in the garden, and the ground might not be frozen.” We all went out to harvest them and luckily the ground was not frozen. You have never seen such hilariously deformed carrots, but the carrot smell was beyond sweet and almost intoxicating, especially the green tops. We floated into the house. It was very difficult to wash the dirt off all the crazy grooves, but all the scrubbing made the scent even more intense. Everyone helped because we were seriously high on carrots. I don’t know much about aroma-therapy but I will now look into it because the humble carrot may have brought us back to better eating.

Thank you for continuing to send environmentally wrapped, beautiful lunches to school every day.

Another fundraiser will be offered this week. For $10, a monthly, color, nature guide to our local area, (created by yours truly) will be available for you to peruse. The sample copy has plastic coverings on each page…yours will only have a plastic outer envelope. The honor system and exact $ is going to be how it is managed. Thank you in advance.

Thank you for getting your fall registrations submitted. Summer camp information will be available soon, followed by the registration forms. There will be eight, one week sessions. The full day program will include afternoon pool time. Outdoor water play will also be available.

We will see Class B on Thursday, and we thank you for keeping us apprised of test results. So far no more positive results.

Always remember to check email on mornings with inclement weather.

Again, thank you for your generous donations to our yearly fund. It provides vital help.

We will be CLOSED on Monday January 17 in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King.

Stay safe,



January 24, 2022

Dear Families,

Please note our heart-wreaths at the front entrance.  They are just a tiny effort to send a little something to the suffering families in Afghanistan.  Please join us.  Choose your $5+ amount…..and  choose your wreath.  We are thinking of  Unicef or International Rescue.  If you have any insight on a good organization please let us know.

While you have your wallet out…..think about our  nature-guide fundraiser.  This is great for hikes or backyard identifications month to month.  It’s about OUR local area.  It’s a bargain at $10.

Clothing notes:   Scarves are too dangerous for group settings.  Try gators instead.

Mini-sneaker socks  are not warm enough and tend to scrunch down in the boot, causing a certain amount of misery.  Please dress the children in “tall” socks.

There are no new positive Covid tests.

Stay safe,